Myth 1: “Disinfection is not required as we shall not live in a sterile environment!”

Answer: UV germicide (“quartz” or bactericide, as sometimes they are called) lamps do not sterilize air; they clean it from microbes by 99% or more, as the result of very continuous operation — by 99.98%. But they do not sterilize air, as living in a sterile environment is unnatural for human. Lamps-disinfectors destroy and minimize “army of microbes” so that even weakened immune system is able to cope with infection and prevent disease!
Myth 2: “Our ancestors lived in cabins, children crawled paved floor — and they were healthy!”

Answer: when “our ancestors” crawled paved floor in their cabins, only half of children born (at the best) achieved their majority (according to official statistics for 100 years, 300 children of 1000 born died by the age of one year). We understand that the strongest (or the luckiest ones) survived, however, today, such statistics and arguments seem unacceptable in relation to our children. Nobody wants their relatives to be included into this statistics.
Myth 3: “Microorganisms causing diseases are needed to strengthen our health”
Answer: shallowness of this assumption may be easy to understand from the point of view of recent history. In 20th century, statistics on death from various contagious diseases clearly shows the trend to decrease. It is obvious that the sharpest decrease has been observed from 1900 to 1950. Mortality rate per100kWhat happened at this time, what changed? What caused such a sharp decrease in these terrifying figures? The answer is very simple: contact with pathogen microorganisms decreased and treatment improved. For example: chlorinating of water in public water supply system was started — i.e. possibility to infect decreased, people around the world began using individual hygiene products — only washing hands using soap has saved more lives than any of the invented medicines! These are the ways to reduce number of disease-causing microorganisms!
Medicines, anti-bacterial products, even the best ones, “DO NOT TREAT”, as some may think, but: 1) weaken disease carriers, and 2) mobilize YOUR immune system to battle microorganisms causing diseases in your body.
UV germicide (called also “quartz” or bactericide) lamps do with air and surfaces the same as what you do with your hands when washing them with soap: germicide lamps reduce number of bacteria and viruses in air by hundreds and thousands times. And, we doubt if you really need disease causing microorganisms in your lungs.

Myth 4: “Immunity will become weak from uninfected air”
Answer: 1) Germicide devices shall be used during periods of weak immune system or in time of epidemics (for example, during the recent “bird flu” or “swine flu” etc.).
2) Outside home, you have plenty of additional opportunities to fight viruses and bacteria. Every walk, every handshake or chat with friends or neighbours — unfortunately, is an exchange with microorganisms. For example, when going by public transport, you receive a huge “bouquet” of microorganisms via handrails, door-buttons (also in elevator) and by airborne way. Please consider that, if you constantly go by car or live far away from the city and you are not subject to permanent mass “spraying of microbes”, then, you do not get ill more often. And, on the other hand — public transport users do not terminate getting ill with time (which would be logic if “microbe spray” is more favourable to our system).
Myth 5: “Quartz (germicide) lamps are prohibited in Europe long ago”

Answer: indeed, use of low-quality lamps (many of lamps produced in China, some of the old Soviet-time and even many modern UV lamps, which are NOT for use in household air disinfection) may be harmful and hazardous for your health! Or, the wrongly selected lamps may be ineffective and even hazardous.
We understand this issue and we possess in-depth knowledge, thus, we offer certified devices designed specifically for air disinfection and having the European conformity certificates. All devices we offer are equipped with the newest ozone-free germicide bulbs with CE certificates only by the leading European brands. We care our reputation and your safety. Above all, we care trust and safety of our clients!

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