30/60/90W Светодиодный Парковый светильник A Expand

30/60/90WLED Garden Light JRB6-A

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High PowerLED Courtyard lamp


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The design of this light Leisure Pavilion is inspired by Ancient Chinese architectural element “Larmier”, integrated with modern and simple style.
It shows sharp visual impact by the combination of square and round design,which implies round heaven and square earth in Chinese culture.
It adoptsLED module as light source. It is easy for installation and maintenance.




●  This simple Chinese style luminaire is integrated with Ancient Chinese Architecture element and modern concise style.
●  Body made of die-casting aluminum. Eletro-statically applied polyester powder coat finish. Resistant to impact and corrosion.
●  It adoptsLED module as light source, easy for installation, replacement and maintenance.
●  Excellent light distribution, good uniform light and wide light spreading.
●  Humanized design, suitable for various applications.






Light Distribution Curve Light Distribution Curve

Technical parametersProduct Dimension


Product CodeJRB6-90AJRB6-60AJRB6-30A
LED Quantity36pcs24pcs12pcs
Rated Power85W58W30W
Input VoltageAC100-277VAC100-277VAC100-277V
Efficiency76/70/57 lm/W74/68/56 lm/W72/66/54 lm/W
Luminous Flux6475/5957/4884 lm4316/3970/3255 lm2158/1985/1627 lm
Installation Pipe DiameterΦ60mmΦ60mmΦ60mm
Installation Height3-5m3-5m3-5m
Net Weight7.8Kg7.4Kg7.1Kg
Gross weigh9.3Kg8.9Kg8.6Kg
Packing Size555Ч555Ч650mm555Ч555Ч650mm555Ч555Ч650mm
CATEGORYGarden light

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