Hea pakkumine! 16W LED maasisse light Expand

16WLED maasisse light

Jingri Lighting Jingri Lighting


LAOS, 2-4 tööpäeva

185,00 €

Light Distribution Curve Light Distribution Curve

Technical parametersProduct Dimension


Product CodeJRD2-12JRD2-12/12Ч2.2W
LED Quantity12pcs12pcs
Rated Power15/16W31/29W
Luminous Flux1125/529 lm1778/835 lm
IControl ModeCC/DMX512CC/DMX512
Net Weight2.5kg

Gross Weigh3.5kg3.5kg
Packing Size250x250x245mm250x250x245mm
CATEGORYGround light

Zhejiang Jingri Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd is established in 1996. At the beginning of foundation, JR owns the dream and mission of Technology Lightens Future and we have always been focusing on the LED street lights, landscape lights and other LED outdoor lights research and manufacture.