intellektuaalne kontroller treppi juhtimiseks Expand

intellektuaalne kontroller treppi juhtimiseks



TELLIMISEL, küsi tarneaega

300,00 €

LED controller - for lighting stairs - provide a unique visualization of lighting stairs . Light effects achieved with their help through the spectacular lighting of the following points of light on the stairs and attractive stair lighting - lighting optimize the interior of the apartment .
Use of stair controller is not limited to use them for stairway lighting stairs or themselves. Invention architects can obtainLED lighting effects also in the hallways, sidewalks , hallways, garden , garage entrances .
Smart House is not just control of heating , blinds or contacts it also saves energy through aesthetic and environmentally friendly lighting stairs. Another lighting up the stairs - incorporated special motion sensors that detect traffic approaching the stairs person , allows you to safely navigate the stairs up and down .
Universality of our controller to the lighting of the stairs with the help ofLED technology , will allow you to use for this purpose both :LED strips,LED bulbs ,LED fixtures such as SKOFF , BRILUX or PAULMANN . The design of the controller as well as our sensor allows for direct cooperation with ones producers.

With the most commonly usedLED strips , you can use either the tapes monochrome ( single color ) as RGB strips and gain access to unlimited palette of colors actually.

Our systems for lighting stairs are safe as they operate using 12V ​​voltage that is safe for humans . Accidental touchLED strip does not threaten human life , as is the case with standard electrical installations.

In designing our controller for lighting stairs , we thought comfort of its users . The drivers support from 5 to 35 steps,LED strips ,LED bulbs , 12V halogen luminaires popular manufacturers. Our motion sensors provide comfort by being able to adjust the scope of their activities ( not enclose the stairs when someone walks past them) , narrow-angle " view", built-in light sensor.

Stair lighting controller can be used both at the stairs of wood , stone , marble or granite . Perfect for stairs traditional and openwork using aluminum profiles forLED lighting and without them.

To our controllers for lighting stairs we also offer - power amplifier - allowing plugging into the channel load to 18A . This enablesLED lighting stair railing , staircase glare ofLED strip.  Do you also useLED strip lighting stairs with a power greater than 1A on one of the stairs .