8W-15W LED Track light RT55 White Expand

8W-15W LED Track light RT55 White


TELLIMISEL, küsi tarneaega

55,00 €

1. High Ra﹥90, Low SDCM﹤3

2. High efficacy, high illuminance

3. Glare-free design, perfect light spot and accurate beam angle, make surroundings of comfortable illumination

4. Non-flicker driver for superior surrounding lighting requirement

5. Integrated molded light housing with convective holes for better heat dissipation, interior driver, low-temperature operation guaranteed

6. Refined components and design, guarantee a long life span of over 40,000 hours

7. Rotatable horizontal 355° and vertical 90°



high-end spotlight with interior driver. 55mm diameter face cover, integrated molded lamp housing of CNC aluminum, use international top COB CITIZEN chip.  Advanced design of ultra-thin hybrid optical lens, with first-rate lighting control effect, various beam angle 12°, 22°, 36° for option, stable specifications, glare-free, good heat sink, brilliant quality, more than 40,000 hours life span.

Options3 phase Rail