Terms & conditions

1) These Terms and Conditions apply to legal relations arising between buyers online store megaluks.eu (hereinafter the Buyer) and by Bright Lab OÜ (hereinafter Online Store megaluks.eu) as a result of the purchase of goods and services in the online store megaluks.eu

2) In addition to these Terms of legal relations arising from the purchase of goods through the online store megaluks.eu, governed by the law of Obligations Act, Law on Consumer Protection and other legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.

3) Shop Online megaluks.eu has the right to change these Terms and Conditions. Changes are displayed on the Conditions www.megaluks.eu website.

4) These terms and conditions are valid from 25 september 2016.


1) All prices in the online store megaluks.eu include VAT (VAT 20%)

2) In the transaction, the prisoners in the inernet shop, not covered by state benefits.

3) The total value of the selected goods is complemented by delivery fee, the amount of which depends on the shipping method selected by the Buyer.

4) The prices are valid from the date of order before the expiry of the payment order issued.

5) In the case of an order before the entry into force of the new Terms and price list, the legal relationship between the Buyer and the Internet-shop megaluks.eu governed by the terms in effect at the time of order.

6) Online Store megaluks.eu has the right to change prices. These changes are displayed on www.megaluks.eu website.

drawing up of an order

1) Add selected items to cart.

2) number of items in the cart can be changed. click "Update Order" to confirm the change.

3) In the basket, select the appropriate shipping method and click "Go to the cashier."

4) On the order review page, fill in the required fields, you select the appropriate method of delivery and payment method: through the Internet bank or in a row.

5) Next, click on "Produce order". Click "Back to the seller" After the payment of the order.

6) Be careful when filling in the fields with the data about the product and the recipient, as the accuracy of the filling depends on the speed of delivery of the goods and the decision of possible claims and disputes.

7) Bookings made via the online store are processed from Monday to Friday from 9.00-17.00. If the order filed on Friday after 14.00, he issued the following Monday.

Entry of the sales contract in force

1) Contract of sale online store megaluks.eu shall transfer to the buyer are available, manufactured or purchased online store megaluks.eu future supplies and the transition ownership of goods to the buyer. The buyer, in turn, is obliged to pay the amount shown on the bill, the presentation of an online store megaluks.eu for the Goods and take supplies.

2) The order shall be canceled if it is not paid within 3 days from receipt of order.

3) The purchase contract is concluded (entered into force) from the time the amount of income (Buyer pay for the order) to the bank account online store megaluks.eu.


1) Delivery options commodity prices and terms of delivery in Estonia are as follows:

- Deliver the goods through the mail terminal SmartPOST - 3 €

- Deliver goods courier - 12 €

Choose a mail terminal SmartPOST service, goods will be delivered in 1-3 days (if the contents of your order exceeds in size the size of 60cm x 36cm x 60cm and weighs more than 25 kg, it is not possible to send your order through the mail terminal).

Selecting a courier service, delivery is in accordance with the company's courier conditions. Your goods are delivered within 2-5 days. If the courier company, will not be able to pass an order, you can get it in the post office at the place of residence by presenting a notice left by the courier.

Orders with a total value of € 80 or more are delivered free of charge!

2) After entry of the sales contract due to online store megaluks.eu completes the order and sends it to the partner for the delivery of orders to the selected customer.

3) Delivery times are from the time of order processing after receipt of payment to the bank account online store megaluks.eu.

4) To eliminate delays in the delivery, it is important to carefully execute the order and fill in the fields related to the delivery of data to show the correct and accurate information.

5) Shop Online megaluks.eu not responsible for the delay of delivery of the goods if the goods are handed over to them in time to partner for the delivery of orders and delivery delay is caused by circumstances which online store megaluks.eu could not foresee or influence them.

Cancellations and Returns

1) After receiving the goods, the buyer is entitled to withdraw from the prisoner in the online store of the contract within 15 days. The right of withdrawal from the contract (in accordance with § 53 of the law of Obligations Act) does not apply when buying inkontinentsialnoy products (diapers, pads, absorbent bed sheet) and products for skin care (cleansers, creams, wipes) .Blank disclaimer of the contract can be found here!

2) The buyer is responsible for the decrease in value of the goods, in connection with the use of it, just in case, if the deterioration of the return of the goods occurred in consequence of its use for other purposes, but to get acquainted with him and his features, and the belief that the product is properly properly functioning. To view the product, its features and functioning, the Purchaser shall refer to the goods in such a way that it would be generally allowed to handle it in the store.

3) For non-product, it is necessary to present a disclaimer. Need for this form can be found on the home page of an online store megaluks.eu. The completed form should be sent to the email address epood@megaluks.eu not later than 15 days after receipt of the goods.

4) The buyer must return the item within 15 days after submission of the application or submit a receipt for the transfer of goods within this period of conveyance.

5) The buyer is not obliged to return the goods across the conveyance company if online store megaluks.eu he agreed to pick up goods.

6) After receiving an application for refusal of goods online store megaluks.eu immediately, but not later than 15 days, return to the Buyer all sums of money received by him under the contract, including costs associated with the shipment of the product. Except if the buyer himself chose proposed by the most preferential embodiment of a transfer option. In this case, an online store is not obliged to return the amount in excess of the usual costs associated with the shipment of goods.

Unseen circumstances

1) Online Store megaluks.eu is not responsible for the damage suffered by the Purchaser or delay in delivery of the goods in case damage or delay in delivery caused by circumstances that are Internet-shop megaluks.eu could not influence or predict them.

Processing of personal data

1) Place an order at the online store and giving this confirmation, the buyer gives the right to collect and process their personal data (name, phone number, home address and / or shipping address, email address) and send them by delivery partners for delivery.

2) Shop Online megaluks.eu has the right to use the e-mail address of the Buyer, to deliver him the publicity and other information.

3) The buyer shall have the right at any time to prohibit the collection and use of personal data, except in cases when it is required to collect the requirements emanating from the contract or deliver the goods.

4) Electronic personal data used to send information and advertising only if the buyer separately gave their approval in the online store megaluks.eu.

5) scrambled communication with the bank when paying for the order, the Buyer guarantees the security of personal banking data online store does not have access to them.

Procedure for making a claim

1) Online Store megaluks.eu responsible for the lack of conformity, and defects of the goods sold to the Buyer, which appear over a period of up to two years after the transfer of goods to the Buyer.

2) The buyer has the right to appeal to the online shop within 2 months after the detection of a defect of goods, presenting an account, proof of purchase of the goods.

3) When the detection of the defect product, please stop using it.

4) Shop Online megaluks.eu and Buyer agree about the repair or replacement of defective goods. Repair of marriage on the part of manufacturer paid online store megaluks.eu.

5) Shop Online megaluks.eu shall not be liable for defects of the goods, which appeared on the Buyer's fault, as a consequence of improper use of the product, or improper storage of the goods.

6) When identifying non-compliance or defect of goods, please make a claim to the email address info@megaluks.eu. Specify where name and surname of the Buyer, telephone number, order number and specify the reason for the lack of conformity were taken aback or defect.

7) A claim in connection with the detection of the lack of conformity or defect shall be made within two months from the identification of non-compliance or defect of goods.

8) All complaints will be reviewed and the Buyer will be contacted as soon as possible, but not later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the claim.

9) The buyer is entitled to demand from an online store megaluks.eu reduce the purchase price or rescission of the contract and demand the return of money paid for the goods, if the online store megaluks.eu can not repair or replace the product, repair or replacement of the product does not work, Internet megaluks.eu shop has not eliminated the defect of the goods within a reasonable time or to the Buyer caused unjustified inconvenience.

Purchaser's Right to apply to the Commission consumer complaints

1) If the online store refuses to solve the complaint of the Buyer or the Buyer is not a feasible option for the solution proposed by the online store, and he finds that his or her rights or interests infringed upon, the Buyer has the right to file a complaint to the Commission consumer complaints through the Office of consumer protection or to go to court . The buyer can file a complaint himself or through his representative. Data protection Consumer Commission given to the home page of Protective Services Consumers' Rights. To solve the problems that have emerged in the EU Member States, please contact the Advisory Centre of the European Union consumers.