Thai lanterns - garland is not well-known in the Baltic States. Whereas in Europe - is a popular decoration for the house, they are in almost every home. Thai garland sold in Paris and Helsinki, London, Prague, Barcelona, ​​Stockholm ....

But their homeland - the south-east the kingdom of Thailand. Thai lanterns made by hand woman in the province of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. This eco-friendly production, where all the difficult manual. First, using a small pump, the conventional balloon is inflated to the desired size. He was then wrapped with cotton thread with glue and allow to dry. When the thread dries, the balloon is deflated and pulled gently. It remains only a ball of thread, perfectly round, with a natural structure and strong enough, thanks to the special glue on the basis of natural resins. Thread beads on the dress usual garland with lights and turn into a magic decoration, which gives warmth and comfort of your home.

Thais such flashlights necessarily decorate their houses, hang them on the windows, doors and even the trees! Thai garlands are a variety of colors, as well as beads hlopkovye- can not worry that they will be broken. Thai fonariki- this is no ordinary LED string, but rather light, which will be universal for any interior decor and unusual gift.