8W LED Lawn Light JRK2 Expand

8WLED Lawn Light JRK2

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The body adopts both 6063 alloy aluminum and high-pressed die-casting materials,with suface anti-aging and powder coating treatment. The diffuser is made of prominent Polycarbonate materials with good anti-aging and ultra-violet resistance performance.Moreover, the protection grade can reach IP65, superior than traditional lawn lights. The light
centrally radiating to the surrounding, decorates the lawn. In such a way, the light not only beautifies the environment, but also guides people the way with its excellent practicability.Also, assembly and disassembly is very convenient and safe.



Light Distribution Curve Light Distribution Curve

Technical parametersProduct Dimension




Product CodeJRK2-3
LED Quantity3pcs
Rated Power8W
Input VoltageAC100-277V /DC24
Luminous Fluxmax243lm
Net Weight(1.5/1.9/2.6)kg( 内 )(6.0/7.6/10.4)kg( 外 )
Gross weigh(2.4/2.9/3.6)kg( 内 )(9.6/11.6/14.4)kg( 外 )
Packing Size437×280x290mm(400 内 )
637×280x290mm(600 内 )
837×280x290mm(800 内 )
600×460x660mm(400 外 )4 个 / 箱
660×600x660mm(600 外 )4 个 / 箱
860×600x660mm(800 外 )4 个 / 箱
CATEGORYGarden lights

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