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120WLED Tunnel light

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ProductName:120WLED Flood Light
Patented Product
·The Application of Occasions
alt Applications: road tunnel, underground channel, under the elevated, railway platform.
·Product Description
alt Owned patent,good performance and thermalmanagement.
alt Fashion and modern design, main structure amde by die-casting aluminum,and anti-corrosion treatment on surface.
alt Super thremal transferring materials for main part.
alt Enhanced glass,much better effect for light passing though,and good agianst ultra-vio radiation.
alt Superior heat removal performance: According to conduction, radiation, convection principle, it optimizes the design of the radiator.Patented technical thermal layer raises the radiator's thermal conductivity.LED junction temperature will be under 75 degree while the environmental temperature is under 35 degree.
alt Humanized structural design, the installation and maintenance will be more convenient.
? Installation angle can be adjusted between -55? and 55?, suitable for a variety of installation modes.
? External power supply design which is suitable for the installation conditions of tunnel illumination. It is more convenient to operate.
·About The Tunnel Lighting
?The aim of tunnel illumination allows the vehicles or pedestrians access to, through, and leave the tunnel area safely, orderly, and fast. One feature of the tunnel illumination is to ask special lighting during the day because of the brightness difference between the inside and outside at day time. On the contrary,the light could be weaker in the night.
? stipulates that the light in the tunnel is determined by the light brightness outside the tunnel and the light position in the tunnel (CIE88-1990). There are five sections to be considered when design the tunnel illumination:
alt The lead-into section
?Eliminating the “black hole” phenomenon which makes the drivers identify the obstacles when get to the hole. In this section, drivers' brightness adjustment will determine the brightness level in next section. CIE calculate the brightness adjustment with L20 method.
alt The adaptation section
?After getting into the tunnel, the drivers can adapt quickly and eliminate the “black hole” phenomenon. In the beginning, the brightness does not change. It is related with the outside brightness L20 as well as the traffic conditions. The brightness can be declined in the back part, and it will reduce to 40% of the initial number in the end of the tunnel.
alt The transition section
?The drivers gradually adapt to the inside lighting of the tunnel. The brightness in this area is continuously declining until the same with the interior section; however, the brightness changeable ratio shall not exceed 1:3. Otherwise, it will be not enough for human's eyes to adapt to the environment. It is sure that at the end of the transition section, brightness will be three times more than the interior section.
alt The basic section
?The basic lighting section inside the tunnel is always the longest part of a tunnel. The brightness level is always determined by the speed and traffic conditions. The standard is usually designed by CIE.
alt The get-out section
?During the day, it can let the drivers adapt to the strong light in the exit and eliminates the “bright cave” phenomenon. In the night, it can let the drivers inside the tunnel see the outside of the linear path and the obstacles on the road and eliminates the “black hole” phenomenon.

LED Quantity108pcsLamp Efficiency77lm/W
Rated Power123WLamp Luminous Flux10209/9535/7916 lm
Input VoltageAC100~277VWorking Ambient Temperature-25°C~50°C
Frequency Factor50/60HzWorking Ambient humidty10%~90%
Power Factor>0.9Life>30000H
THDLamp Weight12Kg
Color Temperature5000~7000KProtection GradeIP65
Color Rendering Index>70Bolt Center of Lamp?8.5mm?100mm?435mm
·Light Distribution Curve
Adjustable multiple installation AngleExternal power supply, wiring is convenient


IP protection66

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