27Wx2 T5 LED tubes+ driver SET Expand

27Wx2 T5 LED tubes+ driver SET


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FL-27W DOUBLE TL6 830/840/860 RETRO FIT 145cm LED light tube SOLUTION

The long awaited professional designed, tested, and energy-efficient T6 LED tube solution from the tip of our markets. 
The product is designed in Finland and it is used only and only high quality components. 
We use high-quality production lines and quality control

The system is designed to update directly to the old 2x49W T5 fluorescent bulb. After the installation of the system for energy saving in lighting energy, 
> 45%, and the light output is sufficient. The solution is suitable for parallel lighting of the lighting update due to 124 degree opening angle (124 degrees / 1 tube) ..

The system is sold always installed and guidance can choose the traditional ON / OFF control or DALI / SwitchDim control suitable paketit. Liitäntälaitteina packets German HELVAR.

The latest product brings with it a very high lumen output and energy efficiency, not forgetting the high color rendering properties (> 83). 
The product is suitable for use in the old T5 fluorescent lamps with special conditions, ask for more information from our customer service.

Pipe input power (LED output) 24W 
Total Power 27W, the system total input power of 54W (2 tubes + ballast) 
Replace the old 145cm 49W T5 fluorescent tubes / pipes 
Choice of color temperature (CCT): 3000K Warm / 4000K Neutral / 6000K Cool 
Ra color rendering index:> 80, also available Ra> 90 class modules (special order) 
Luminous flux: Bright shell (K):> 7200lm Opal cover (O): + 6300lm 4000K shade and Ra + 80